<em>La scomparsa di Patò</em>: una sperimentazione tra intertestualità e farsa

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Nicoletta Peluffo


Nicoletta Peluffo analyses the historical novel La scomparsa di Patò in the light of its intertextual references and farcical and theatrical elements. Peluffo contends that this novel is composed of different texts that the author puts together as if the novel was a dossier where each text has a specific function in the diegetic reconstruction of the events that lead to the disappearance of the protagonist of the novel. Peluffo argues that La scomparsa di Patò marks the beginning of Camilleri’s experimentation with theatrical forms within his novels. It is an experiment in which Camilleri complicates the narration by making use of textual and intertextual clues, farcical devices, and a multiplication of points of view kept together by the reassuring function of the tragediatore.

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Peluffo, N. (2021). <em>La scomparsa di Patò</em>: una sperimentazione tra intertestualità e farsa. Spunti E Ricerche, 35, 47–57. Retrieved from https://www.spuntiericerche.com/index.php/spuntiericerche/article/view/696