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1. Material submitted for publication should be in electronic form (preferably in Word format) and submitted as an attachment to the editor.

2. The author’s name and institutional affiliation should appear at the end of the article, followed by endnotes. Bibliographic details are not given in the notes but in a subsequent list of works cited.

3. The list of works cited is ordered alphabetically by author’s last name, and should follow the guidelines specified in the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (2021). However, please retain the place of publication of books where practicable. The following are examples.


Signorelli, Amalia. Migrazioni e incontri etnografici. Palermo, Sellerio, 2006.

Edited book

Ackley, Katherine A., editor. Misogyny in Literature. An Essay Collection. New York & London, Garland Publishing, 1992.

Alaimo, Emma, editor. Ferdinando Di Giorgi. Lettere a Federico De Roberto. Catania, Fondazione Verga, 1985.

Chapter or article in a collection of essays, conference papers or similar

O’Connell, Daragh. “Degenerative Genre: Federico De Roberto and his Sicilian Legacy.” The Risorgimento of Federico De Roberto, edited by Julie Ashwood and Margherita Ganeri, Oxford, Peter Lang, 2009, pp. 13−63.

Article in academic journal

Dewhirst, Catherine. “Historical Turns in the Historiography of Italians in Queensland.” Spunti e Ricerche vol. 24, 2009, pp. 133−153.

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